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The final performance of “Hakka people is in the alley” took place in the Beitou district. The HAKKA people opera “the third love Knot” was performed with rapturous audience. The audience looked forward to seeing each other again next year

To promote Hakka people culture in the community and demonstrate the hakka hospitality, the Taipei City Government Hakka People Affairs Committee has adopted the theme of “Hakka people is in the alley” , since August 4,107, they have been performing in the alleys of Songshan district, Wanhua District, Da'an District, Zhongzheng District, Southport district, Wenshan District and Beitou district. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence.
The final performance of “Hakka people is in the alley” will be staged by man wo Legend Theatre. The troupe, led by its leader, Liu Zhengjie, is a group of young students from Hakka people with the aim of preserving and innovating Hakka people’s theatrical culture. Since its founding in 1998, it has been a leading force in the production of Fine Hakka people operas. Since 101, it has been awarded the Outstanding Arts and Culture Support Team of the Ministry of Culture and the Outstanding Arts and Culture Support Team of the Council for Hakka Affairs, Taiwan for 102-105. Since 103, he has been invited to perform overseas and has been well received by overseas Chinese. It is hoped that Hakka people opera will become an international art form.
“The legend of Wen he opera troupe” will present the story of “the three generations of the Peach Blossom Knot” , in which two disciples of the mysterious God, the Black Turtle and the white snake, take advantage of the master’s absence and go to the back mountain to steal a thousand-year-old herb, after the Zhenshan animal into the mortal world, the black turtle was born in Tongcheng County, named Zhou Tong, good at gossip master practice. White snake was born in Ren Jia Zhuang, named Ren Taohua. One day, the village stone mother-in-law to see his son Guangfu out of business, tardy to get rich like, through Wang Lanjiao know Tongcheng County Zhou Tong to ask Bu. Unexpectedly, Zhou Tong was found dead that night in a ruined temple outside the city. She implored Zhou Tong to do something about the disaster, but Zhou Tong said it was doomed and beyond redemption. For a day on the road. Seeing that she had killed herself, she rescued him and figured out that she wasn’t supposed to die, so she agreed to help. Zhou Tong knew that a woman had broken the law, but he didn’t know that she was a peach. The two became friends and a series of wonderful stories happened after that. The wonderful performance will let the audience under the stage see not to turn a blind eye, infatuation.
Apart from professional performances, there will also be activities such as Li Min’s favourite Hakka people delicacies, Hakka DIY and lotteries, which will enable people to experience Hakka People’s culture on the spot and Li Min to enjoy performances by professional arts and cultural teams nearby, hakka People Cultural Exhibition to showcase Hong Kong’s rich diversity. Welcome everyone to come down to the guest!