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The Hakka Affairs Committee
of the Taipei City Government The Republic of China, April 109
Report of the work of the 13th 3rd regular meeting of the Taipei City Council
Reporter: Chairman Xu Shixie
The 13th 3rd meeting of the Taipei City Council Taipei Hakka Affairs Committee Work Report
1 , Preface First Convener, Second Convenor, Mrs. Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to the 13th session of the 13th regular meeting of the Association, Shi Xie is honored to be present to report to the members of the Council for the past six months (108 July-December 2014) The work results and the focus of future governance, on behalf of all my colleagues, I wish the conference a successful success. At the same time, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all members for their support and assistance to Hakka affairs in Taipei City.

The association has 30 employees who are responsible for the operation and management of the Hakka language inheritance, cultural promotion and Hakka culture theme park in Taipei City, Hakka culture hall, Hakka arts and cultural activities center and Hakka book audio-visual center. Perpetuate and work hard. The future work of the Association will create a Hakka language-friendly environment in Taipei City, focus on the inheritance of Hakka youth from generation to generation, promote the cultural characteristics of Hakka in the city, handle Hakka language and culture studies, art and cultural activities, performances and Hakka cultural experience activities, integrate Hakka promotion education centers and various types The workshop classroom, in addition to the existing civil affairs and social education nature, extends to culture, art and new agriculture, and strengthens the Hakka parent-child education and the promotion of Hakka cuisine, which is the key work carried out by the Association. Looking back at the past, inspiring the present, and looking forward to the future, Shiteng upholds the mayor's policy philosophy of "inheriting the Hakka language and promoting Hakka culture" and "shaping the Taiwanese Hakka brand", and pragmatically mastering "tradition and modernity, metropolis and hometown, Hakka and diversity" "Three connections, and the two directions of "Implementing the Hakka Language Heritage and Showing the Metropolitan Hakka Style", make the Hakka culture deeply cultivate Taipei, and through the horizontal development strategy, carry forward the Hakka spirit of Taipei and shape the local, metropolitan and international characteristics." Taipei Hakka Culture." Now I would like to report on the results of the implementation of various businesses in the second half of 108 and the key points of the future governance.

2. In the second half of the year, the important achievements of the administration in the second half of 2008 were sustainable operation, promotion of Hakka language and culture, inheritance of Hakka language and culture through school, family and social education system, holding of various Hakka cultural activities, making good use of the advantages of the city's economic and information circulation platform, and operation and management of the Hakka culture theme park 1、 Create a friendly environment for Hakka language (1) promote Hakka language teaching in Kindergartens: early childhood is the best golden period for language learning. Through subsidies, kindergartens are encouraged to offer Hakka language teaching courses, so that children can learn Hakka language in their daily life for a long time and continuously. A total of 19 kindergartens are assisted. (2) Promote Hakka teaching in primary and secondary schools: 1. Encourage primary and secondary schools in this city to implement and deepen the function of inheriting Hakka language in schools, optimize the teaching of Hakka through diversified teaching, visiting and counseling, and enhance the willingness and ability of students to use Hakka language. A total of 41 guest language associations and 10 theme summer camps are subsidized and tutored "Hakka language and culture". 2. Using the spare space in the school, we plan to set up a situational classroom with Hakka as the theme to arouse students' interest, so as to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Hakka language and culture among children and parents in primary and secondary schools in China. A total of 1 school situational classroom project is subsidized. 3. In order to encourage primary and secondary school students to apply for Hakka proficiency certification, two schools have applied for the program to encourage their teachers and students to apply for Hakka proficiency certification. (3) Tutoring Hakka Language Education Center: in order to create a learning environment of "Hakka everywhere and learn Hakka from time to time", combining with non-governmental organizations and community forces, it provides various forms of study courses for public welfare guest associations in the city. It subsidizes 42 ballad classes, 8 dance classes, 4 drum dance classes, 14 string music classes, 17 reading clubs and 2 calligraphy classes. (4) Handling Hakka Cultural Service: the theme of the year 108 is "Hakka", with "Hakka culture" as the main planning axis, and with the DIY interactive experience breakthrough activities, Hakka lecturers and college students are arranged to serve as teaching volunteers, and the primary schools, overseas Chinese schools and kindergartens in Taipei City are arranged to provide Hakka culture services to schools, with a total of 38 services There are 21 kindergartens and 1 overseas Chinese school. (5) To operate the Hakka extension and education center in Taipei: integrate the four themes of "new art", "new technology", "new agriculture" and "new fashion", develop contemporary Hakka culture, and construct a lifelong learning environment for Hakka in the metropolitan area by means of handicrafts, exhibitions, experiences, dancing, singing and traveling. In the second half of 2008, 15 classes were set up with 370 students. There were 9 lectures, workshops and public activities.

(6) Training of Hakka teachers: 36 hours of training courses covering Hakka culture, language, teaching methods, Hakka teaching plan design, children's and children's psychological and behavioral development, teaching plan implementation and sharing, Hakka practical exercises and teaching courses, etc There are 80 applicants, mainly from July 25 to August 1. (7) Increase the resources of Hakka language learning materials: with Hakka in the city as the content, create 10 new lyrics to present children's songs in the new era, make a children's song album "a song on the street", rewrite it with a novel of the same name by Zhang Weizhong, present the picture book content in the form of Hakka English bilingual, and integrate the learning of "five senses" into the textbook, We produced Picture Book Textbook "house of nine stories" to provide teaching materials for understanding Hakka culture and Hakka language learning. 1500 sets of children's songs albums and 640 picture books were printed and sent to kindergartens and national primary and secondary associations subsidized by the association. The e-books of Hakka culture quarterly are published in 67-70 issues, with the themes of "she era", "we are really different in the new media new generation", "looking for mobile stories" and "children, love Hakka, talking about Hakka" as the themes, which show the connection between Hakka culture and life through different perspectives. (8) The plan of Taibei Hakka Academy: through the first and advanced classes of the 32nd Bayin class, the 32 students will enhance their skills and abilities of gongs, Jingba, suona and other musical instruments in the process of learning Hakka folk songs, so as to achieve the purpose of preserving Hakka traditional culture. (9) Organize volunteer training program: expand the recruitment of volunteers who are interested in Hakka culture and are interested in volunteering to become Hakka Park volunteers; cultivate volunteers to have a deep understanding of Hakka culture through professional training courses, and become the seeds of Hakka culture promotion; organize and apply volunteers into professional groups to establish their service achievements and sense of honor. A total of 120 volunteers were recruited and 9 volunteer training sessions were conducted.

(10) Handle Hakka Cultural Volunteer Service: Community Hakka Cultural Experience Service with a total of 5,000 people participating in 20 sessions, and public welfare volunteer service with a total of 800 people participating in 2 sessions. Volunteer visits, observes and guides cultural exchanges 2 times, Hakka cultural volunteer education and training 2 times, and volunteer family day activities 2 times. In addition, there are 208 guided tour services for park venues, serving 7,033 person-times; 13 story-telling services are arranged for the park, with a total of about 579 person-times. 2. Focus on the inheritance of Hakka youth from generation to generation (1) Organize Hakka literature awards or other types of competitions: To encourage the writing of Hakka stories, issues, and cultural characteristics, and to develop a contemporary Hakka literature style, we will conduct the "2019 Eternal Literature Award" essay competition. The competition group is divided into 4 groups: short stories, prose, essays, and Hakka poetry. The contributor's age is limited to under 40 years of age, regardless of nationality, to encourage young people to create, and the essay period is from May 1 to October 1. A total of 118 people participated in the submission and awarded 20 awards. On December 8th, a symposium was held at the Nanjing Pavilion of Jinche Literature and Art Center. About 60 people participated. (2) To handle the promotion of international Hakka affairs cooperation and exchange plan: "2019 Contemporary Hakka Studies Exchange" activity explores multiple topics of Hakka. Young graduate students at the scene put forward their announcements, and leaders across academia and industry are invited to start a dialogue with young graduate students at the scene. Handle 4 forums, 2 salons and 2 youth seminars. (3) Conducting multicultural and pop music workshops: taking cross-border multicultural music as the main axis of the course, leading young students interested in music to explore Hakka mother tongue culture and enter the door of creation. It is divided into two classes: beginner and advanced, 4 lectures, 1 presentation, and a total of 432 participants. (4) Handle the Hakka family survey project: The family is an important place for language inheritance. To increase the usage rate of Hakka, the Association will promote Hakka families to enter the field of daily life. By organizing related activities, we will increase parent-child cooperation and grandchildren’s projects. By collecting and investigating the number of Hakka families, as the target of invitation for subsequent activities, the goal of inheriting Hakka culture and language can be achieved. There were 69 groups of Hakka families in the year 108, including 1 group for the fourth generation, 16 groups for the third generation, 25 groups for the two generations, and 27 groups for the second generation.
(V) Handle the digital collection plan of Hakka cultural materials: In order to strengthen the preservation of Hakka cultural assets and drive the exploration of Hakka culture, 108 collections of films on Hakka cuisine, arts, music, and Hakka promotion were filmed in 108 The results of the conference, the number of participants was about 45 people. (VI) University youth learning series of activities plan: set up a team of video record creators in the post-mortem Bangbang Bangtang Hall, with a total of 30 people, a total of 5 video records were filmed, and 150 participants participated in the event. (7) Global Hakka Streaming Program: Using multiple media such as video, music, literature, art, or social action as a practical method, in response to the issues and appearances of "contemporary Hakka", a streaming program was selected for a total of 4 people Through field trips and records, young practitioners from different fields, from the perspective of "guests", horizontally pull the "Hakka" from Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Malaysia, and vertically sort out the identification and inheritance of "Hakka" by different generations. 563 people participated in the exhibition and workshop. (8) Taipei Hakka Library Audiovisual Center entrusted operation management: handling youth participation in community-building activities, book preservation and other activities, with a total of approximately 17,500 visitors.

3、 Promotion of Hakka cultural characteristics in metropolis (1) holding Hakka Yimin Carnival activities: from October 26 to 28, they were held in citizen square and art and culture square of national two halls Academy (Zhongzheng Memorial Hall Park)
The three-day event includes 19 Yimin masters, 7 characteristic troupes and 76 incense cases. The team of 3 flower carts, 87 education centers, 10 characteristic array heads, 24 communities and offices participated in the 3-day activity. There are 4 floats, 20 creative street teams, 20 professional art teams and 10 professional Street Walking teams. There are five pre marketing performances in the art and culture show (MA Zai of Yiwen newspaper), one "Hakka opera", two small-scale arts and cultural activities, one night of Hakka fantasy theme, and one final of Hakka Education Center achievements. It praises 25 groups of Hakka families in the city, and Hakka market has invited 88 stalls with one hometown and one characteristic of the whole country to participate in the grand event, which is about 95000, 000 people participated to show Hakka culture from the perspective of urban migration Festival, and successfully built the largest Hakka righteous people celebration in China.
(2) "Hakka in the alley" and arts promotion activities in cooperation with the community: in order to let Hakka art participate in the community, Hakka performing arts activities will be brought into various districts and jointly handled with the offices of various administrative districts in the city. Residents can enjoy Hakka professional performances without having to toil on the boat. There were 15 performances in 12 districts of Taipei city. Selected high-quality Hakka art and culture performing teams cooperated with neighborhood teams, attracting about 7000 participants. (3) Handle traditional Hakka Festival activities: organize a series of traditional Hakka activities in August and half (Mid Autumn Festival) to promote the new look of traditional culture in modern Taipei metropolitan life. Reflect on how the Hakkas in today's Metropolitan Taipei can give cultural significance to the new era from the meaning of traditional festivals and customs. About 500 people participated. (4) To organize Hakka cultural festival activities: through field investigation, we can investigate the life context of Hakkas along the Taipei citizen Avenue railway, feel the life style and cultural landscape of the local Hakka people, and create Hakka music and video stories, and publish relevant music and achievements. The event will produce one micro film and one music album. The exhibition will be held in Taipei station and one concert will be held in Songshan cultural and creative park, with about 20500 participants. (5) Promotion and cultivation plan of venue experience teaching: through various theme DIY experience activities and study courses, let the public experience the joy of hand and brain creation, and strengthen the promotion of Hakka language education. A total of 28 activities were held, with about 816 people experiencing hand-made courses. (6) The promotion plan of Taipei Hakka Farm: using the outdoor space of Taipei Hakka culture theme park as the field field, through the maintenance of ecological resources, the creation of Hakka image, and the creation of farming sites, the promotion plan of Taipei Hakka farm will invite the community to participate in environmental management and development, and form a practical platform for cooperation, sharing and co creation, so as to connect with the traditional Hakka partnership spirit and life culture To create a Hakka friendly environment on behalf of Taipei's rural city vision. Between July and December, 12650 people participated.

(7) "Children's travel Hakka - Hakka language promotion" project: the immersion Hakka language teaching and the "children's tour Hakka summer camp" are held to create a diversified language education environment through hands-on experience, music, video, art and other means. In addition, students from colleges and universities are joined as small teams to promote Hakka cultural education and promotion activities, so as to enhance parents' and students' recognition of Hakka and Hakka language Acceptance rate, a total of 274 participants. (8) Invited performance plan of theme performance art program: with the production of future opening grand play as the main core, it plans to create three contemporary Hakka programs of different performing arts types and accumulate contemporary Hakka texts by taking "music, drama, cross-border video and audio" as the main content. 1. On July 20, the "park theme song creation presentation concert" was held. In addition to the world premiere of three theme songs selected by many music experts from many manuscripts, it was also presented with carefully produced selected interview films. Different modes of Chinese Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble and Chinese and Western musical instruments were used to introduce local friends to the creators For the emotional world of Hakka theme park, a total of 395 people participated in the activity. 2. On November 17, the "we meet here" pre performance and post performance workshop was held at the theatre on the second floor of the drama center. The activity adopts the invitation system, and invites curators, venue representatives, experts and scholars, and professional art critics from all walks of life to participate, with about 400 participants. 3. On November 23, the winter harvest opera "Hakka traditional opera" Hakka traditional opera "was performed on the outdoor lawn of" Hakka culture theme park ". Winter harvest opera is the most important event of Hakka people. Winter harvest is celebrated every year after autumn harvest in October of the lunar calendar to reward the protection of nature and gods. Shou Dong opera is a kind of performance art with Hakka folk custom, belief, entertainment, communication, art and humanities. In order to show the performance art of Hakka traditional opera skills in the harvest winter festival, the Hakka Opera Department of National Taiwan Academy of traditional opera was invited to perform. There were three classic operas and three skill performances, with a total length of 2 hours. The activity was won by the majority of villagers on that day There were about 1070 participants. (9) To establish a high-quality Hakka culture performance platform: encourage art and culture groups to integrate Hakka culture into their creation, expand their multiple perspectives of performing arts, and seek professional production and performance of plays with the theme of Hakka elements, connection and imagination. 1. On August 31, a ticket sale was held for the contemporary Hakka stage drama "Meili ah ~", attracting 181 people to buy tickets. 2. Tickets for the "children's show" and "water buffalo" on January 22 and September 22 will be handled With the gumaotou Orchestra "Moonlight return" concert concept and creative core sharing, with the Global Hakka opera vocal troupe and Sanxing Hakka ballad class, a total of 80 people participated in two sessions. On September 28 and 29, the ticket sales performance of the Hakka parent-child drama buffalo and white crane boy by singularity troupe was held, and the theater creation of Hakka traditional nursery rhymes, puppets and fairy tales was combined A total of 310 people participated in the show. The music and Drama Center held five "fantastic journey - children and Youth Chorus Concert" with about 180 participants. 3. On October 3, the "fantastic journey - children and Youth Chorus Akha concert" was held at the recovery Hall of Zhongshan Hall, Taipei city. About 650 people participated in the competition with the Taipei Philharmonic children's chorus, the La fiber children's chorus, the xiulang elementary school choir, the pure vocal Orchestra, the just vocal band and the b-max marker's vocal orchestra About 110 people participated in the concert of Luo Sirong and gumaotou Orchestra "Moonlight return" at yasongfang, Taida. 4. Liu Rongchang helped your orchestra to bring a series of Hakka Nursery Rhymes and music. On October 24, about 110 people attended Laosong primary school; on November 1, 450 people participated in Ximen elementary school; on November 9, at Shuxin guild hall, about 178 people participated in two performances.

(10) The Hakka Culture Theme Feature Display Project: The annual theme exhibition is closely linked to the Hakka culture in Taipei, interpreting Hakka culture from the perspective of sociology and human history, and enhancing the qualitative benefits of Hakka culture promotion. From July to December, the event "A House of Taste: Moving Hakkas" was visited with a total of 13,523 people. (11) Hakka Culture Innovation Promotion Plan: With the theme of "Hakka Seal", promoting Hakka culture through catering, 2 theme workshops, 1 food forum, 1 ticket banquet and an additional cooking competition, a total of 480 Attendance. (12) Marketing promotion plan for Hakka Cultural Theme Park: 1. From July to September, a total of 5 sessions of "Metropolitan Hakka Lecture Hall" were held, and a total of 285 citizens signed up to participate. 2. The exhibition period of "Language Special Exhibition" is from August 29 to October 13 (46 days in total), deducting the actual exhibition days after the closing day is 40 days, the average daily number of visitors is 100, the total exhibition period is estimated 4,000 visits. (13) Hakka Narrative Video Screening Project: "Woman to Woman: NNFF Films×Live Music", from August 7th to August 24th, 3 leading events will be held And the 1-day video concert event attracted a total of 1,306 people.
4. Build a Hakka multi-platform communication platform (1) Handle the Hakka cultural industry exchange plan: handle the "Xiaohecheng Market", select the souvenir exhibition sales and series of story activities at the Yuanshan Huabo Park, and enhance the public's culture towards Hakka people There are 72 booths to understand the customs, attracting tens of thousands of people to participate, and the exhibition sales amount reaches NT$4.8 million. (2) Hakka life and product promotion platform: with Hakka life products, strengthening the connection with the original hometown of Hakka, connecting with the cultural and industrial characteristics of Hakka in Taiwan, and becoming a public field for marketing the cultural industry and goods of Hakka in Taiwan, promoting Kezhuang activity platform and industry promotion benefits. 1. The Hakka life product promotion platform handled 43 market operations (the second half of the year, the Hakka Life Museum will be open until August and closed in September). A total of 8 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition, with a total of 6,149 consumer visits. 2. On September 28, the "Hakka International Cultural Exchange Week-Danny Ball Music Festival" was held on the large lawn of Hakka Cultural Theme Park, attracting 600 participants. 3. On October 19, the "Peace Sit Picnic Day cum Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Carnival" was held with about 400 participants. 4. The market of the fertile island property: collect the market of themes, crafts and handicrafts of all Hakka villages in Taiwan, and invite small farmers, professionals and creators from all over the country to experience the market with five senses and participate in about 300 people.

5. "Salient Art Festival of Remuneration": Three artists interpret, reconcile and deconstruct Hakka people's living culture, construct three landscape arts, and a total of 300 people participated. (3) International Singers Music Exchange Program: Through the form of chorus, continue the life and memory of Hakka Village singing folk songs, present the life of Hakka in the contemporary metropolis of Taipei, create an international Hakka choral music festival, combine Hakka clubs, youth teams, and international outstanding arts The Wen team works together to create a Hakka tradition and contemporary curated exhibition. 1. On August 28, the opening press conference was held. About 200 people from all over the world arrived in Taiwan to participate in the cultural exchange night. On August 28, they gathered eight world and Taipei Hakka local music teams to kick off the event. About 500 people Participation, on August 29 at the Daan Forest Park MRT Station, attracted about 300 people with music flashes. On August 30, 750 listeners set the record of the largest number of participants in international exchange concerts. 50 people participated. 2. On September 1st, the "International Singers Music Exchange Program 2019-Daohe Festival Concert under Baiyun" was held at the Daan Forest Park Open-air Music Station. Young people from all over the world gathered in Taipei with about 1,000 participants, using singing voices Praise the beauty of Hakka culture and let the world hear Hakka.
The key focus of the 109th Governance Policy is to inherit the Hakka language and culture, show the vitality of the Hakka culture, find the younger generation, and be willing to speak Hakka and participate in Hakka activities. This is a top priority. A number of action plans were added this year, and the handling situation is described as follows: 1. Creating a Hakka language-friendly environment (1) Handling Hakka teacher training: In mid-August 109, it will cooperate with the Education Bureau to handle "local teaching Hakka support teachers can effectively teach "Study", and conduct Hakka teacher training program from July to August to train professional teachers, through a variety of learning courses, to achieve the purpose of preserving the mother tongue and extending Hakka culture. (2) Promote Hakka teaching in kindergartens: The public and private kindergartens in this city apply for subsidies for Hakka teaching programs. It is expected to hold Hakka story house tours, Hakka teaching visits, Hakka cultural experience activities from July to November, and plan A seminar on teaching observation was held in mid-to-late November to enhance the understanding and experience of Hakka culture among kindergarten teachers and students. (3) Handle the subsidy program for elementary and junior high schools: In the first half of 109, the schools of elementary and junior high schools in this city applied for various Hakka language inheritance plans and promoted Hakka courses. Arrange visitor committee members to the primary and secondary schools in various countries receiving subsidies to observe the teaching on the spot and have discussions with the tutors in order to grasp the status of Hakka language teaching. It is planned to hold learning achievement publishing activities in the middle and late November.

(4) Tutoring the Hakka Language Education Center: it subsidizes individuals or groups to carry out Hakka culture and language study, so as to realize the goal of Hakka language inheritance and cultural promotion. It plans to invite 7-10 scholars and experts to form a visiting guidance group from August to October, and arrange one to two scholars and experts to discuss the actual implementation of the subsidy plan during the study activities of each class On the spot visit, guidance and exchange on content quality, achievements and benefits, etc. In order to promote the inheritance of Hakka language families, it is planned to hold five results publication and observation activities from late July to attract the public to participate in the experience of Hakka culture and show the achievements of Hakka language learning and cultural promotion in the city. (5) Hakka culture arrival service: it is scheduled to handle Hakka culture arrival services from June to November. The planning takes "Hakka language and culture" as the main axis, and five activity units are set up for the national group and the children's group respectively. The contents include interaction, situational small theater performance, game experience, DIY handicrafts and watching and learning activities. Parents, children, teachers and students or peers interact together It is expected to serve 60 primary schools and kindergartens (including at least one overseas Chinese School). (6) To increase the resources of Hakka language learning materials: we plan to issue picture books and special albums of Hakka children's songs, with a view to assisting the promotion of Hakka language and Hakka culture with high-quality auxiliary teaching materials, which will be placed on our website and Youtube Video and audio platform to provide teaching application. The issue 71-74 of the Quarterly Journal of Hakka culture is expected to be published in April, July, September and December, and will be published on the official website of the association and the new media platform, so as to extend the reading power of the journal. (7) Management of Taipei Hakka Academy: Taipei Hakka Extension Education Center has been renamed "Taipei Hakka academy" since 109. The curriculum will integrate the four themes of "new art", "new technology", "new agriculture" and "new fashion", aiming to cultivate talents with Hakka culture connotation and build a lifelong learning environment for Hakka in metropolitan areas. (8) Volunteer training program: recruit volunteers who are interested in Hakka culture and are willing to volunteer in Hakka park. Combined with the colleges and universities around the Hakka Park, service learning course cooperation is carried out to improve the number of young students participating in Hakka Affairs. Professional volunteer training courses should focus on Hakka language inheritance or parent-child interaction, so as to strengthen the professional function and effectiveness of volunteer service. (9) Handle Hakka cultural volunteer service: use volunteer expertise to launch multi-cultural experience, guide, study, social care and public welfare services and other multi-cultural experience services, so that the public can understand, experience and learn Hakka culture.

2、 Focusing on the inheritance of Hakka youth from generation to generation (1) the essay competition for the "2020 postnatal literature award": short stories, essays, essays and Hakka poems are selected. The age of contributors is limited to 40 years old, and there is no limit to nationality to encourage young people to create. The winning works are also collected, edited and published into monographs, and a forum is held at the end of the year. (2) Handle Hakka Affairs seminar and exchange plan: through forum or forum, invite those who have published master's or doctoral dissertations or project research projects in the past three to five years, face-to-face with professionals in various fields of Hakka, discuss public affairs related to Hakka in Taipei from multiple perspectives, and establish a cross disciplinary communication platform. (3) The promotion plan of popular Hakka culture for young people: it is expected to lead young students interested in music to explore mother tongue culture and enter the door of creation. It is expected to handle primary and advanced classes, and conduct a publication of achievements, so as to achieve the goal of preserving and promoting Hakka culture. (4) To carry out the Hakka Family Survey Project: through the related activities organized by the association, we will increase the number of Hakka families through parent-child cooperation and grandson sharing activities, so as to collect and survey the number of Hakka families, which will be the target objects for future activities, so as to achieve the goal of Hakka culture and language inheritance. (5) To strengthen the preservation of Hakka cultural assets and promote the exploration of Hakka culture by non Hakka families, we will visit Hakka communities, cultural and historical workers, Hakka artists, etc., and collect the collected photos into e-books or films, In order to promote and inherit Hakka culture, it is expected to collect more than 80 old photos with stories or shoot more than 8 documentary videos. (6) To manage a series of university youth learning activities: from the perspective of the new generation, we can record and observe the inheritance and development of Hakka culture, promote the link between Hakka culture and the contemporary era, cultivate a youth group image observation team, record Hakka culture promotion business, improve young people's willingness to participate in Hakka cultural activities, and output the observed activities from the perspective of youth Works (records). (7) Handle the Global Hakka cross flow project: in 2009, the exhibition will focus on the display contents of the first floor of the future Hakka music and Drama Center. The related achievements, exhibitions, videos and videos will be integrated into the exhibition on the first floor of the future opening of the Hakka music and Drama Center. The outstanding cases of the past five cross flow projects will be explored through the participation of young people in practice, so as to find a multi perspective of Hakka art and a new contract of contemporary Hakka Ji injects modern energy into Taipei, and jointly constructs a creative base of Hakka art in Taipei. (8) To manage the youth participation program of Taipei Hakka Book audio visual center: through the continuous management of youth participation in community building, video recording and book promotion, we can attract young people to participate in Hakka public affairs, promote the image and video center, and cultivate Hakka youth to take root in the future.

3. Promote the cultural characteristics of Hakka in the metropolis (1) Handle the Hakka Yimin Carnival: present the cultural background and historical context of the Hakka community rooted in Taipei in the form of immigrant festivals, from the "festival", "parade" and "artistic performance" In the context of the main axis, it integrates multiple series of cultural activities to create a connection between tradition and modernity, metropolis and hometown, Hakka and diversity, shaping the new appearance of the Metropolis Hakka celebration, and encouraging civil society and the public to participate in the preparation and implementation of planning Achievement sharing, gradually strengthening and expanding private participation, reaching the goal of focusing on private management, supplemented by public assistance and guidance, so that the city can become a platform for Hakka culture in Taiwan, while pushing it to the international stage and creating a city with deep Hakka characteristics Art festival. (2) Promoting the "Hakkas in the Alley" art performance: 12 performances will be selected by the media in 12 administrative districts to promote to 12 administrative districts in the city, and will be held in each administrative district before the event Relevant coordination meetings are held here, and all events are expected to be completed by October. (3) Handle traditional Hakka festivals, Hakka folk beliefs and popularization plans for the year-end festivals: 1. Handle Hakka festivals "National Hakka Day": National Hakka Day 109 "I heard that the day wears the sun and let go" on the afternoon of February 8 It was held at the Children’s Stage Plaza of Daan Forest Park from 2:00 to 5:00, with a total of 800 participants. 2. Handle the "Spring Celebration": On February 23 and 24, the outdoor lawn of the Hakka Cultural Theme Park in Taipei City will be held for the Spring Festival, which coincides with the spring season. In order to celebrate the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Day Wear Day, Bo Gongsheng, King Sanshan Students, these year-old festivals developed from traditional beliefs, this event is specially organized, the event invites "Nanzhuang Xiangfei Lion Drum Formation", "Newma Chamber Orchestra", "Puppet Theater Company", "Qingdao Martial Arts Museum" Brilliant lion dance, Chinese martial arts, flag drum array, puppet show, national music performance, dance music performances, the number of participants in the event is about 750. 3. Handle traditional Hakka festivals: In June and September, handle the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival activities, linking the current emphasis on the concept of ecological environmental protection, extending the activities that highlight the cultural connotation of the Hakka May Festival and August half, and plan to use The cross-domain cooperation method can effectively achieve resource sharing and urban-rural linkage.

4, Hakka folk beliefs and the promotion plan: Taipei is a migrant city, the acceptance and integration of local cultural development out of the new Hakka culture, and Taipei Hakka Culture Theme Park is located in Taipei City South District, surrounded by Hakka footprints. This plan through the display of traditional celebrations in the city Hakka, to achieve the cohesion of the Hakka folks, carry forward the spirit of Hakka culture, to reduce fault lines, increase the participation of young people as the goal, so that the inter-people belief activities into new living water, stirring Hakka festival new life. Through the celebration of various characteristicactivities, so that more citizens contact to participate, understand the Hakka human beliefs and life wisdom, to promote the Hakka community's faith in history and re-create the value of contemporary Hakka faith. (4) For cultural festival activities: to build the Taipei Hakkazhuang brand, to the Hakka family gathering for the theme, to Taipei Hakka community to create a general idea, by field investigation to visit the Hakka family in Taipei Hakkazhuang living veins, feel the local Hakka family life style, human landscape, according to the creation of Hakka music and video stories, music, text, video and other different carriers for the publication of related music, to create the spirit of Taipei. (v) For the theme performance art program invitation program plan: 109 years will prepare for the future opening operation as the primary work project, from professionals Peili, international art festival curatormarketing training, inter-library cooperation and the opening of the theater pre-production, with a view to the future opening, hardware and software can be synchronized in place, so that the budget benefit growth. In response to the space improvement case, this case to the production of future opening drama as the main core, to "music, drama, cross-border exhibition" and other three types of performing arts, the presentation of different types of contemporary Hakka programs, the accumulation of contemporary Hakka text. (6) For the establishment of a high-quality Hakka performing arts exhibition platform, to encourage arts and cultural groups to integrate Hakka culture into the creation, expand the multi-vision of the performing arts, solicit professional drama production and performance with Hakka elements, links and imagination as the theme, with innovative exhibition production sits full of discussion, present the microcosm of the contemporary Hakka society, and echo the contemporary Hakka text proposition, in response to the space improvement process, the series of activities moved to the park or other arts venues. (7) To handle the Taipei Hakka Farm Promotion Plan: The use of the park's outdoor space field, through the maintenance of ecological resources, the creation of guest house image, the creation of farming sites and other orientation, to educate the public to participate in environmental management and development operations, the development of Taipei's new Hakkazhuang spirit, the development of the spirit of Taipei's new Hakkazhuang, the development of the practical platform of cooperation, sharing and creation, the vision of urban development, through practical reflection of the city's multi-farm issues, with seasonal festivals, to provide people with the experience of farming, and to provide people with the experience of farming. (8) To handle hakka cultural industry exchange program: let the public know the characteristics of hakka humanities and real estate, handle the "Little Shop Market", exhibition and sale activities, provide a selection of Hakka goods or hand-in-hand gifts, attract the public to participate in Hakka exhibition and sale activities, to enhance the understanding of Hakka humanities, customs. With the lively industry story manual, as well as Hakka cultural experience activities resonate, live Hakka creative industry.

(9) For the promotion platform of Hakka's life: series of the national Hakka team, presenting the connotations of life in the land, industrial work stories, property experience, etc., to create Hakka cultural theme park "bamboo dream market", "flat-up picnic day", "see the students" and other activities, to become Taiwan's Hakka property promotion of the international brand. (10) For international choir music exchange plan: through the chorus form, continue the life and memory of Hakka song, present Taipei contemporary metropolitan Hakka life, improve the participation of the Hakka community in Taipei City, build Hakka International Arts Festival, combined with the Hakka community, youth team, as well as the international excellent arts and crafts team, work together to create Hakka deep temperature strategy exhibition. (11) For Hakka Art and Cultural Exchange Program: Hakka Culture Theme Park is not only a lifelong learning friendly environment for Hakka culture, but also an important platform for the cohesion of artistic energy. Due to the rapid change of social environment, Hakka art culture needs social attention, and do appropriate preservation and record, by young artists to apply a variety of media for artistic creation, explore hakka aesthetic design logic and cross-border experiments, reflecting the new energy of traditional art regeneration.

Wanton, conclusion of the Council for the development of the city's multi-cultural, in the creation of Hakka language friendly environment, focus on hakka youth generation heritage, promote the characteristics of The Metropolitan Hakka culture and other work and activities, put forward the results of governance and the future direction, but also ask Editing Lady A book of care about Hakka affairs, continue to give this Council guidance and support, so that Hakka language, cultural policy implementation and business promotion, to achieve more concrete results and fruitful results, and finally, The Speaker, Mr. Thank you!