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“Hakka people is in the alley” , the central district ahead of the mid-autumn Festival! Hakka people arts and cultural teams, local community achievements show, singing and dancing in turn

To promote Hakka people culture in the community and demonstrate the hakka hospitality, the Taipei City Government Hakka People Affairs Committee has adopted the theme of “Hakka people is in the alley” , since August 4,107, they have been performing in the alleys of Songshan district, Wanhua District, Da'an District, Zhongzheng District, Southport district, Wenshan District and Beitou district. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence.
In the fourth performance, the former head of the Department of Dance, Professor Lim Su-jeong, who encouraged the students to create a National Taiwan University of Arts dance team in 2013, was invited to perform. “stargazing” brings together students of the major dance department of Taiwan Arts as well as past graduates who are passionate about performing arts, creative arts or arts administration, with the aim of nurturing dance professionals in the fields of performance, creativity and administration, the Hakka People Arts Dance Company “umbrella dance and homesickness” combines elements of traditional Taiwanese dance, the hope passes through the dance rhythm body language, conveys between the Hakka clan’s language and the recollection. The opening performance is organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) . The programme is dedicated to the promotion and inheritance of Hakka people culture. The programme includes a performance by the acclaimed “Hakka Evergreen Club’s original sound class” , featuring Hakka People’s eight tones and Hakka People’s songs.
On the eve of the mid-autumn Festival, in order to showcase Wenxiang’s long-term learning achievements, the performances will be performed by the Chung Ching Community College Ballroom Dance Class, the community Japanese and English workshops, and the saxophone quartet, there will be singing and dancing, and there will also be activities such as Limin’s favourite Hakka people cuisine, Hakka DIY and lotteries. The activities will enable the public to experience Hakka People’s culture on the spot, and Limin to enjoy performances by professional arts and cultural teams nearby, hakka People Cultural Exhibition to showcase Hong Kong’s rich diversity. Welcome everyone to come down to the guest!