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Meet you at Yongkang Park in August and half of the world to experience persimmon culture and listen to a variety of music performances

The mid-autumn Festival is a time of gratitude and family reunion. The HAKKAS call it “August and a half” . The Taipei City Government Hakka People Affairs Committee will advance the celebration of the mid-autumn Festival on 22 September (Saturday) from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Yongkang Park on Yongkang Street, a well-known tourist attraction, we have invited teachers from the Shinpo persimmon dyeing workshop of the Hsinchu County Persimmon Dyeing Cultural Association to give us a taste of the art of persimmon dyeing. We have also invited music groups from different countries, including Hakka people and new residents, to sing and chat through the concert, lead the people to immerse in the inter-ethnic culture and feel the mid-autumn festival atmosphere together.
The Chairman of the Taipei City Government said that autumn is the season when Persimmons are ripe, and Hakka village is also an important place for making persimmon cakes. During the process of making persimmon cakes, a large number of persimmon skins will be produced, the persimmon dye was extracted from the discarded Persimmon Skin, and the related handicrafts were developed. The persimmon could enhance the added value of art and culture. The persimmon Dyeing Culture Association of Hsinchu County was specially invited to demonstrate the unique persimmon dyeing technique of the region, which matches the Hakka spirit of thrift, honesty, simplicity and perseverance, the exhibition of Persimmon Dyeing Works is set up in the atmosphere of Kezhuang and Hecheng. At the same time, the experience of Dyeing Persimmon with brush is provided on the spot.
The concert “voices from the world-a concert of diverse music” will feature Bengali folk singers, the Jina Jar, NORMA & GROOVE Station and other music groups from different countries. Founded by singer Roger and musician Fong siu-sin, the Bengali Folk Walk Choir is a music group based on Bengali West Bengal and Bangladesh folk songs, she often performs and shares the rich folk songs of Bangladesh. Her Repertoire also includes songs written by Rabindranath Tagore, some of which have been added to the Yueqin of Taiwan, symbolizing a unique blend of cultures and exchanges. As a creative group, the jar has accumulated many creative works as well as live performance experience. With their unique musical creation, the jar has brought new life to Hakka people culture and won many awards, in 2017, he was also nominated for best guest album and best orchestra at Golden Melody Awards. NORMA & GROOVE Station members come from different countries and share a common love and respect for music. From the 1960s to the present, Norma, guitarist Fabio, drummer Alek and Bayse are all experienced musicians. In addition, a flash mob performance was planned on the spot, presented by the World Hakka People Vocal Opera Company, the programme will feature a number of well-known pieces in Hakka and Chinese, as well as “praise and loyalty songs” written by Golden Melody Winner Luo Sirong and composed by Golden tripod winner Azurite Yu, to celebrate the loyalty of the righteous in defending their homeland, and to promote the largest annual carnival of the Taipei visitors’ Committee.
“August and a half in the world” will feature a variety of activities and activities. It is hoped that members of the public will have a chance to experience the cultural diversity of Hong Kong. A concert will also be held on the same day, welcome to join US early to spend the mid-autumn festival.