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Blessing, thanksgiving, celebration! Welcome to the Taipei HAKKA PEOPLE CIVIC CARNIVAL!

30th anniversary of the “give back your mother tongue” campaign
The 2018 Taipei Hakka People Carnival will be held from October 20 to 22. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the “give back your mother tongue” campaign. Thanks to the efforts of our predecessors in Hakka people, today’s Hakka language can be heard and preserved, in order to carry on the tradition of the next 30 years, this year, with “Hakka people 30” as the main event, 19 righteous temples and villagers from all over Taiwan will be invited to Taipei to celebrate together, on October 12, a press conference will be held at 10:00 am in the lobby of the first floor of the Taipei City Hall.
This year marks the 31st anniversary of the Taipei Hakka Furniture Festival, which began on Saturday, October 20, at the Taipei Hakka people cultural theme park. A chairman of the organiser’s Taipei City Government Hakka People Affairs Committee said that looking back at Taipei Hakka people, there were two important hakka events in 1988, the first of which was held in Taipei, and the “give back my mother tongue” campaign for Hakka people on December 28. For 30 years, the Hakkas, who have moved to Taipei, have devoted themselves to preserving Hakka people’s culture. To thank their predecessors for their hard work, this year, they will stage a series of “carnival of the righteous people” with the spirit of “blessing, gratitude and celebration” , based on the belief of the righteous people, the contents include a re-enactment of the “sacrifice ceremony” of Hakka People’s traditional sacrificial rites from the perspective of the festival of metropolis immigrants, and a “parade” to express the original cultural meaning of the volunteers’ logistic replenishment of the “Dandan Fengfan” , and “Arts and culture” to enrich the diversity of Hakka people culture, bringing the essence and characteristics of Hakka people culture to the interface of tradition and modernity, metropolis and hometown, Hakka people and diversity, to turn the Taipei Hakka People Carnival into an urban art festival with Hakka people characteristics in Taipei.
I invite you all to speak! “FULL BELLY? Guest speakers introduce the HAKKA language
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “give back your mother tongue” campaign, Tsang said, “come and talk! ” , “full? ”(have you eaten enough?) Is the Hakkas’ slang for meeting and greeting. To the UNINITIATED, it might be pronounced “Lion, Leopard, horse? ”? ” , this year’s campaign aims to introduce Hakka dialect to the public in creative hakka language, and it also aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the return of my mother tongue movement visually, focusing on the need to speak out in order for the language to continue, mattis’s “The dance” and pop artist Andy Warhol’s silk-screen printing technique are cited as examples of colourful and joyful celebration and gratitude, to meet the public, advertisements were hung on the walls of the most eye-catching municipal services buildings, continuing the design concepts of Hakka people blue shirt, Wufu paper red and rice husk yellow, as well as the “Taipei Kitchen” and “Yimin 30” of the previous two years, first, to increase the focus and reflection of the discussion on creative topics, and then to bring to this event to enhance participation and visibility in Hakka people.
COME DOWN TO THE STEP-E! “A taste of Hakka people” Hakka people cultural theme park “home and visit”
This year, 2018, to celebrate the rebirth of Hakka people after 30 years of the return of my mother tongue movement, to celebrate the passing on of Hakka language and Hakka people culture, apart from an innovative Hakka people ballad night led by golden singer Liu Shaoxii and three generations of singers from old, middle and young Hakka people, take the audience on a journey through Hakka people’s traditional folk songs, popular ballads, New Hakka people music to the time corridor of new music, and the bamboo Dream City of Hakka people to come down with you under HAKKA PEOPLE XE5 XB0 x9e, not only did 22 hakkas line up for Gourmet Food and other road awards, but also 24 dream-builders returned home to showcase the “three pioneering spirits” of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity There are also 21 friendly small farmers who jointly signed with the farmers’ market to promote the concept of food conservation and slow eating, and to display and sell fresh vegetables and fruits grown by natural farming methods. A total of about 80 stalls of the community hakka food stalls and hot shops recommended strict selection, let you eat, drink and play a satisfied!
In addition, in addition, there will be afternoon music lovers, a float-and-trampoline workshop, a warm-up workshop, a mini-festival of traditional Chinese tea, DIY workshops, a taste of Hakka people cuisine and tea (such as “Tang po-vinegar” , “the magic herb tea” from “Man Shan” , “Bean Curd dumplings” from “cat-and-beaver restaurant in Hakka people” , “new soy sauce” , etc.) , a series of activities in praise of chung-sing-song Marathon, promotion of international music exchange, Taipei Immigration Arts Festival, Hakka People 30 Special Exhibition and symposium. No matter whether you are Hakka or not, you are welcome to visit Taipei Hakka people cultural theme park. Together, we will create a Taipei Hakka people memory.
“major activities”
The opening scene was short-circuited-from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on October 19, a short float parade was held in the southern district, surrounded by four floats and 20 trampolines from the Second Section of Ting Chau road, by way of Tong on street, NAM Cheong Road and Golden Gate Street, the Cultural Theme Park Round Hakka people road disturbs the south of the city, warming up the main event for the next day.
Main event --
(I) time of the event: October 20-22.
1. October 20:19 righteous masters from all over Taiwan gather at Taipei Civic Square, the programme will include a ceremonial dance, a seating ceremony, a headland show, a Hakka people opera show, three auspicious ceremonies, an arts and cultural show and a gala.
2.21 October: About 5,000 members of the Tatan Street patrol group gathered at the Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Palace for a full day of activities including the Tatan Street patrol, the main ceremony, the street patrol performance, the arts and cultural performance and the evening party.
3.22 October: The ceremony.
(2) venue: Public Square, Ketagalan Boulevard and Hakka people cultural theme park.