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“The year of the righteous Hakka people in Taipei” spectacular spectacular begins

To attract and expand the participation of Taipei Hakka people residents in the carnival, the Taipei City Government Hakka people affairs committee has specially planned four creative floats and street-trampling teams to take part in the carnival, pre-promotion and warm-up for the next three days of the carnival. From 2 pm to 4 pm on October 19, the new creative float will be staged in the south of the city, where the Hakka people cultural theme park is located. Four float floats and 20 creative street teams will take place in the warm-up zone along the second section of Ting Chau road, by Way of Tung on street, NAM Cheong Road and Golden Gate Street, the cultural theme park in Hakka people lay headlined, energizing and disturbing the south of the city. A grand announcement was made for the upcoming events and the opening of the “Taipei Hakka People Yimin Carnival” .
Since the beginning of September, four associations, namely the Taipei Hsinchu Association, the Taipei Hakka Language Teachers Association, the Taipei Hakka People Rotary Club and the Taipei Nanzhuang Association, have come up with their own ideas, and after a series of discussions, the production of their own theme of the float “satiety, sister-in-law wo chengxiangjie trace, Rotary self-help, Nanzhuang style painting. ”. “satiation” symbolizes the maternal spirit of Hakka people mothers who want their children to be satiated, “the traces of the elder sister-in-law and her brother-in-law, Hsueh Hsueh, and “Nanzhuang style painting” beautiful scenery of the mountains and clear water is told to have leisure to Nanzhuang XE5 xb0 x9e expectations.
The four floats were made over a period of nearly one month. The floats were made by the members of the society together from the formation of the basic body frame, the bamboo weaving structure of the body, the molding of the clay, the body and the paper, and the production of props to the basic coloring, the spirit of interaction, mutual help and sharing. This year, JJ Liao, who has been organising the “dream carnival” for many years, has been invited to be the instructor of the “Dream Carnival” . Together with the community, he will depict the customs of Hakka people and the celebration of the righteous people. Lifelike figures will be placed on the floats, has been unanimously appreciated by the public and has quite an eye-catching effect.
The organiser, the Taipei City Government Committee, said that the upcoming Taipei Hakka People Carnival will last for three days from 20 to 22. People of all ethnic groups and ages are cordially invited to join the carnival, taipei Hakka People Cultural Theme Park to explore the beauty of traditional Hakka people customs and innovation in Hakka people.