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“The writing of light-30 years of the Hakka People Games” may have your history, you can not miss the most complete documentary, you are invited to return to witness the glory of history!

Turn and March” towards the next 30 years
The consortium, the Hakka People Cultural Foundation of Taipei, held the opening press conference of the “light writing -- 30 years of the Hakka People Movement Special Exhibition” this morning. Renowned Young Hakka singer Huang Weijie was invited to perform, in addition to reviewing the 30-year history of the Hakka People Movement, young people are reminded that everything they enjoy today has not come easily, taketoku, deputy executive director of the Hakka People Cultural Foundation in Taipei, said, “we should preserve the 30-year history and process of the Hakka people movement and rethink the meaning of the next Hakka people 30. ”. ”
The “special exhibition on the writing of light in Hakka people” combines elements of “installation art, photographic works, documentary films, historical testimony, documentary exhibitions... ” , “Turn around and go forward” in Hakka people’s mind to gaze at and approach a period of historical crisis, thus continuing a social dialogue of ethnic origin. In order to commemorate and reflect on the historical significance of the hakkas’“return of my mother tongue movement”30 years ago, we look forward to the next 30 years of the hakkas.
Joint Exhibition of famous photographers
“The writing of light-30 years of the Hakka People Games” features light and stone as visual images, symbolizing the perseverance of the hakkas and their faith in continuing towards the future through the light of history.
Curated by former human magazine photographer Cai Mingde, the exhibition features some 80 frames of photographs by renowned photographers including Liu Zhenxiang, Pan Xiaoxia, Xie Santai, Xu boxin and Fang Yangzhong. Since the White Terror of the 1950s, the hakkas have participated in the political, industrial, and agricultural movements led by the Hakkas. In the 1990s, the spirit of the Movement to restore my mother tongue has continued, represented by the creation of songs and ballads in the New Culture Movement of Hakka people, and the “give back my mother tongue” campaign, which encourages young people to go back to their homes. A video and audio corner will be set up for the audience to listen to the beautiful songs of Hakka people. You are invited to come back from October 5 to November 4, to 3/f, cultural centre, Hakka People Cultural Park, Taipei, to witness the glory of history.
Turn around. The writing of light-30 years of the Hakka People Movement
Exhibition venue: Hakka people cultural theme park, 3rd Floor Special Exhibition area
2, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng district, Taipei
Turn around. Writing in light-30 years of the HAKKA PEOPLE CAMPAIGN SERIES:
• talks
In 1988, the “return of my mother tongue” Hakka movement initiated a Primary Colors cultural movement in Hakka people. It was like a giant stone thrown into the turbulent but peaceful Hakka people community before the martial law was lifted, a 30-year-old cultural movement in Hakka people... Let us tell you the story that you remember and passed by.
Speakers: Fan Zhenguo, Cai Mingde
TIME: October 14th, 107,14:00 ~ 16:00
Venue: Jizhou Nunnery Humanities Lecture Hall (Second Floor, New Hall)
Address: 107 Tung on Street, Zhongzheng District Taipei
• Miniature Photography Exhibition
Date: October 10 to October 20,107
Location: CAFE AU Lait
ADDRESS: 1st Floor, No. 9, lane 51, Lane 269, Section 3, Roosevelt Road, Da'an district, Taipei City
• inns photo gallery
Time: October 05 to November 05,107
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