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Second Section (estimated total number of personnel: 7 persons): Responsible for the preservation and promotion of Hakka traditional culture, the development and protection of Hakka language, the research and study of Hakka rituals and etiquette, the cultivation of Hakka traditional folklore, language, and other talents, providing advisory services on the creation and refinement of Hakka arts and literature as well as providing advisory services to the Hakka community organizations and Hakka community college.

Duties and Scope of Responsibilities of the Second Section

Job Title

Estimated No. of Personnel

Work Item


Section Head
Peng, Wen-Mei
  1. Handles the business affairs of the Second Section.
  2. Other tasks assigned.
27026141 ext.220
Specialist Saff
  1. Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival series of activities.
  2. Provides subsidies to local associations to assist in the Yimin Festival series of activities (including acceptance, evaluation, audit and write-off).
  3. Other tasks assigned.
Contract Supervision
  1. Hakka Cultural Festival series of activities.
  2. Hakka traditional culture and beliefs series of activities.
  3. Edits and distributes the Hakka Culture Quarterly during spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons.
  4. Provides subsidies to the City’s outstanding Hakka art and cultural groups for the promotion of Hakka cultural programs (including acceptance, evaluation, audit and write-offs).
  5. Other tasks assigned.
Section Member
  1. Handles the planning, implementation, and production of teaching materials on Hakka children’s songs.
  2. Obtains and manages publications.
  3. Provides subsidies to individuals or groups (including various school levels and other educational institutions) to carry out Hakka language and cultural-related workshops and activities (including acceptance, evaluation, audit and write-offs, among others)
  4. Hakka cultural competitions
  5. Prints Hakka language teaching materials.
  6. Other tasks assigned.
Section Member
  1. Promotes Hakka culture in school service plans.
  2. Provides subsidies to the City’s Hakka songs and ballads and Hakka language symposiums (including acceptance, evaluation, audit and write-offs)
  3. Handles presentation of visits to, counseling and outcomes from Hakka Educational Center.
  4. Provides advisory services for the City’s Hakka associations, contact and regular holding of forums.
  5. Other tasks assigned.
27026141 ext.221
Contract Supervision
Officer Zhang
  1. Matters related to the Taipei Hakka Educational Center.
  2. Provides subsidies to elementary and junior high schools for Hakka heritage and cultural promotion, visits and counseling (including acceptance, evaluation, audit and write-offs).
  3. Handles presentation of learning outcomes from the Hakka heritage and cultural promotion in elementary and junior high schools, observations, visits and counseling.
  4. Handles surveys of principals and consultant groups for elementary and junior high schools, coordination and organizing forums, among other matters.
  5. General affairs inspection and study: executive meeting, conference, collation of policy implementation reports and other information.
  6. Other tasks assigned.
  1. Handles presentation of kindergarten children’s Hakka learning outcomes, observation, visits, and counseling.
  2. Provides subsidies to the city's kindergartens for Hakka language teaching activities (including acceptance, evaluation, audit and write-off).
  3. Trains Hakka language teachers in kindergarten, elementary and junior high school.
  4. Handles accounting, human resources, general affairs and collating data from other sections.
  5. Other tasks assigned.