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Research and Development Division (estimated total number of personnel: 7 persons): Responsible for the planning, research, development, governance plans for Hakka affairs policy, setting up, management, and supervision of the Hakka Cultural Hall and the Hakka Art and Culture Center, engaging in cooperation and exchange on international Hakka affairs, as well as handling of daily affairs, among others.


Duties and Scope of Responsibilities of the Research and Development Division

Job Title

Estimated No. of Personnel

Work Item


Section Head
  1. Handles the business affairs of the First Section.
  2. Other tasks assigned.
  1. Operations, supervision, and purchase of related engineering facilities involving the improvement of the space of the Hakka Cultural Park. 
  2. Hakka arts and cultural activities community tours (Hakka is just in the alley).
  3. Development and coordination with Hakka village chiefs and organizations.
  4. HAC’s city advisory meeting and oppointment of consultants (at least two meetings annually).
  5. Handles the use of the land for the science and technology building (participant in the construction). 
  6. The contact person on gender equality.
  7. Other tasks assigned. 
Section Member
  1.  Volunteer operations and management and supervision of other services.
  2. Channel for broadcasting of the Hakka language program.
  3. Hakka audio-visual documentary plan in university towns.
  4. Handles the applications, review, and write-offs for subsidies on Hakka scholarship, community building, policy promotion, music and script, and other creative plans.
  5. Inter-county and inter-city cooperation and policy marketing classes among the eight counties and cities in Northern Taiwan and New Taipei City. 
  6. Various administrative tasks of the Section (including accounting, political affairs, human resources, etc.). 
  7. Other tasks assigned. 
Section Member
  1. Taiwan Hakka Cultural Industry Exchange Program, Hakka Hometown Exchange related activities program.
  2. National Hakka Day.
  3. Provides materials for the monthly Hakka Magazine.
  4. Overseas projects, international Hakka affairs cooperation, and exchange programs.
  5. Point of contact for government-HAC.
  6. Comprehensive service administration for the central government, local administrative agencies, and this section, as well as the secretariat office.
  7. Other tasks assigned.
Section Member
  1. Secretary affairs of the HAC.
  2. Hakka administrative affairs projects and coordination.
  3. Organizes important confidential documents.
  4. Convenes meetings and preparation of agenda.
  5. Other tasks assigned.
Contract Supervision Officer
  1. Convenes the HAC’s committee meeting, and committee members are appointed to the HAC. (at least 4 times a year).
  2. Management supervision business of the Hakka Culture Foundation.
  3. Operational supervision of Hakka Cultural Park.
  4. Amends the regulations, plans, and assessments for subsidizing the foundation and the park.
  5. Related administration of the Hakka Culture Foundation and Hakka Cultural Park.
  6. Other tasks assigned.
Contract Supervision Officer
  1. Operations and management of the Library and Video Center.
  2. Hakka Academy.
  3. Hakka cultural materials digital storage plan. 
  4. Information management maintenance, repair, consumables purchase, and website maintenance.
  5. Site borrowing, login, statistics and other operational matters, the general window for the Section’s items and asset management. 
  6. Operations management and equipment planning execution for the Hakka Cultural Hall and Art and Culture Center. 
  7. Other tasks assigned.