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The visual design of the Taipei Hakka People Yimin Carnival is a tribute to the master

In response to media reports on October 3, member of the Taipei City Government Hakka People Affairs Committee handling the multi-year Carnival case, the director of the Taipei Hakka People Civic Carnival was suspected of Copying works by Pop Art Godfather Andy Warhol and brutalist artist Henri Matisse Mattis. A guest committee member thanked lawmakers for their concern and correction in, at the same time, it is also clear that examples of design combined with art masterpieces abound and should not be lightly defined as plagiarism. Designer Li Gen also said in an interview that plagiarism is a very serious charge for designers, his work is a tribute to the master, there are links, not plagiarism.
In this year’s event, the concept of “mouth dance” is used to present the 30-year “return of my mother tongue” campaign and pay tribute to Mattis. The meaning of Pop art is also related to “return of my mother tongue” , so another Sudoku is also a tribute to Andy Warhol. An article in this issue of the artist magazine discusses this thread, which can be read to understand the concept of design. At the same time, this year’s design, as compared with last year, is divided into two bands. First, it will increase the attention and dialectical thinking by creating discussion topics. Then, it will be brought into this activity to enhance the participation and visibility of Hakka people, the first wave of advertisements, such as posters and MRT light boxes, will show the design style of paying tribute to the master. The second wave will continue the main visual concept and image design of “Taipei Kitchen” and “Yimin 30” from the previous two years, and we’ll be back in a few minutes.
In 1977, it was first held by the non-governmental Organization. In 1997, it was expanded to a carnival. This year, it will be held for the 31st year, the main theme of the event is to convey the spirit of Hakka People’s ancestors who fought to protect their homeland. As the event is complex and the number of participants is as high as 40,000 to 50,000, there are not many tenderers each year, 105 years to date the winning bidder, after making reference to Li Gen’s design at this event in 104, has also invited Li Gen, one of the 100 internationally renowned designers recommended by Phodon, New York, to take over the design burden. As critics in the artist magazine have commented on the artistic connotation of the main visual design of the Taipei Hakka People Carnival, the guest committee is aware of the importance of the main visual design, because the main visual design will not only set the tone of the quality of activities, but also the results of the activities, so we have hired an associate professor of design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and internationally renowned graphic designer Li Gen, ghostwriter design, 2015 main vision. It was an amazing transformation, and the result was well received by the public and even by the Arts and culture profession. Taking advantage of this situation, Li Gen is continuing the main visual design of the Taipei Hakka People Carnival in 2016,2017 and 2018(this year) .
The Carnival is scheduled to be held on October 20,21 and 22 this year. It is now entering a busy stage before the carnival. All citizens and friends from all counties and cities are welcome to join.