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Promote a relative, force the Commissioner to lower his voice? The Chairman of the Guest Committee has stressed that there is no need (clarification draft)

A few days ago, the print media reported that the chairman of the Taipei visitors’ Committee had used his position to promote a senior Hakka people relative, and he was also accused of forcing the nine-level commissioner of the committee to volunteer for a transfer, it has stressed that the allegations are baseless, do not want to become a political war of words.
A member of the visiting committee said in, “there was no favouritism or forcing the commissioner to lower his or her key. The handling of the case was not satisfactory. The case is now frozen. We will improve the case to achieve a satisfactory result. ” The member of the visiting committee, surnamed Shen, also clarified in the report, i hope that the public will turn their attention to the effectiveness of the promotion of Hakka people affairs.