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What are the different avenues for learning the Hakka dialect?

The avenues for learning Hakka based on the individual’s time and aptitude include:
1. Online Hakka Language Teaching: You may visit the HAC website, www.hac.taipei.gov.tw “Hakka Language e School” to study.
2. On-air Hakka Language School: The HAC has commissioned a radio program in Hakka, which includes teaching Hakka.
3. Taipei Hakka Academy: Classes given by the HAC itself. The venue is at the rooms or other designated locations of the HAC. Content is adjusted based on the actual situation and includes Hakka language learning, arts and literature study, etc. Please pay attention to the latest news on the HAC website.
4. Taipei Hakka Education Center: The HAC entrusts the Taipei City Hakka Culture Foundation to handle various courses, including the four main subjects of “new art”, “new crafts”, “new agriculture” and “new fashion” as well as creating a lifelong learning environment for Hakka in the metropolitan area. For details, please refer to the website of the “Taipei Hakka Education Center”.