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NO.TitlePublish Date
1In 2020, the exhibition “the hidden power of the capital” will be held at 9/18 of the Contemporary Hakka People Aesthetics Exhibition, which explores the profound beauty of Taipei, Hakka people2020-09-20
2“The year of the righteous Hakka people in Taipei” spectacular spectacular begins2020-09-20
3Blessing, thanksgiving, celebration! Welcome to the Taipei HAKKA PEOPLE CIVIC CARNIVAL!2020-09-20
4The final performance of “Hakka people is in the alley” took place in the Beitou district. The HAKKA people opera “the third love Knot” was performed with rapturous audience. The audience looked forward to seeing each other again next year2020-09-20
5“The writing of light-30 years of the Hakka People Games” may have your history, you can not miss the most complete documentary, you are invited to return to witness the glory of history!2020-09-20
6The visual design of the Taipei Hakka People Yimin Carnival is a tribute to the master2020-09-20
7Invitation notice for interview for “4th Contemporary Narrative Film Festival 2018 -- Between Walls”2020-09-20
8Meet you at Yongkang Park in August and half of the world to experience persimmon culture and listen to a variety of music performances2020-09-20
9“Hakka people is in the alley” , the central district ahead of the mid-autumn Festival! Hakka people arts and cultural teams, local community achievements show, singing and dancing in turn2020-09-20
10Promote a relative, force the Commissioner to lower his voice? The Chairman of the Guest Committee has stressed that there is no need (clarification draft)2020-09-20
11“Hakka People Volunteers Festival” turns into “Taipei Hakka People Contemporary Art Festival”2020-09-20
12Taipei Jazz concert to showcase the achievements of Hakka People’s youth pop culture2020-09-13
13A stroll through the peelings reveals the new Hakka people and the opening of the Contemporary Hakka People Exhibition in Taipei2020-09-13
14Okay, take this under advisement2020-09-13
15Hong Kong singer-songwriter Lo sze-fung has won numerous awards for his singing and performing skills. He has toured Hakka people and Southport is the most interesting “guest” !2020-09-13
16Children Learn about Hakka people culture through music2020-09-13
17Young people are not afraid of being challenged. The HAKKA people film documentary team, in film, presents their ideas on the relationship between cultural traditions and modernity, and gives a courageous voice to the evolution of culture in the modern era2020-09-13
18Hakka people park celebrates the end of winter2020-09-13
192018 global HAKKA ITINERARIES PROJECT 4 Youth Itineraries Open Up Contemporary Hakka people, spanning Taiwan, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Translate into Hakka people2020-09-13
20Singaporeans from Hakka People Visit Hakka people park to promote international friendly exchanges2020-09-13