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What is the "Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival "?

The HAC integrates “tradition” and “innovation”. Every year, it invites all “Yimin Ye” from all over Taiwan to congregate in Taipei. Through the “Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival” we hope to encourage the active participation of all Hakkas, enliven folk participation using the concept of immigrant festival, enhance the participation of multi-ethnic groups and shape up a model for urban Hakka celebration.
The activities mainly present Hakka cultural values ​​through the three major avenues of “festival”, “parade”, and “performance”. It aims to enhance the following four major points:
1. Expand and enliven public participation and enhance local handling and coordination of the main event. Promote neighborhood interaction through public-private partnerships and cross-sector alliances.
2. Enhance the vitality and creativity of Taipei Hakka culture and attract cross-generational and inter-ethnic participation.
3. Provide an in-depth presentation of the diversity of Hakka culture through “localization”, “industrialization”, “internationalization”, “rejuvenation” and other forms of diversified programs.
4. Shape this event to become an important immigrant festival in Taipei, improve the visibility of Hakka culture, explore the next Hakka, and form a unique urban arts festival with Hakka characteristics.