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How to apply for subsidies for the “Promotion of Hakka Language Heritage and Cultural Activities Program for the City’s Elementary and Junior High Schools”?

1. Application Qualifications: All public and private, elementary and junior high schools, and who are willing to cooperate with the Taipei City Government in its Hakka language promotion policy, launch a Hakka language and culture-related courses and activities.
2. Application Period: The relevant implementation plan will be announced on the website of the HAC at the beginning of each year, and the contents of the plan will also be sent to the elementary and junior high schools in the city. All schools are welcome to apply.
3. Application Method:
(1) Within the application period, applicants may apply through registered mail, in person, appoint someone or online (not the entire process), or send the required documents directly to the HAC without preparing official documents; applicants must submit a properly filled out application form, basic information about the school (private schools must attach their registration certificate), a detailed list of the expenditures and budget of the application for subsidy (list down all the fees and the items and amount applied with the HAC, at the same time, if an application for subsidy has been made with other government agencies or commissioned other similar plans, they must list the each of the agency they have applied with or any commissioned projects and amount), teacher’s certificate, together with the proposal (including project name, objectives, schedule, location, number of people, course content, expected benefits), all data will be in A4 paper in portrait format with page numbering on the bottom right of each page.
(2) Please prepare one electronic file and two written materials for the above documents and submit your application within the application period.
(3) For incomplete application forms, the applicant must make a one-time revision within a week after receiving notification from the HAC; if the applicant fails to submit the application or the necessary revisions, the application shall be deemed to have waived the application. 
4. For details and rules on other subsidies, please refer to the “Subsidies for the Promotion of Hakka Language Heritage and Cultural Activities Program for the City’s Elementary and Junior High Schools”; if you have any questions, please contact the Second Section at (02) 2702-6141 ext. 228.