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In 2020, the exhibition “the hidden power of the capital” will be held at 9/18 of the Contemporary Hakka People Aesthetics Exhibition, which explores the profound beauty of Taipei, Hakka people

The opening press conference of the “hidden power of the capital” Exhibition on Contemporary Hakka people aesthetics, organised by the Taipei Hakka People Cultural Foundation, a consortium of companies under the guidance of the Taipei City Government for Hakka people affairs, 9/18(E) grand opening at 10:00 am in the Grand Square of the historic block of Piapiliao. In addition to the concert, Hakka People’s leading vocalist, Chen Huiru, will collaborate with the Chamber Orchestra of Sangria (Gloria) to open the concert with a stunning rendition of Hakka People’s migration. The launch ceremony was officiated by the Director of the Hakka People Affairs Committee, Tsui chi-chi, who led the Taipei City Government to reveal the large invitation card with the character “guest” , to show the changing and rising beauty of Hakka People’s handicrafts after the migration of the metropolis of Hakka people.
Key Tsui, chairman of the Taipei City Government Hakka People Affairs Committee, said Hakka people who moved to Walls of Taipei in the 5th and 60s were usually found in the vicinity of Tung Wah Street, Nam Cheong Street and Keran Street, the trait of hard work is the key piece of the puzzle that made Taipei Great. It is worth exploring the process of adaptation, change, even co-existence with the surroundings, showing the tenacity and strength of life. This is the background of the “Hidden Beauty” Exhibition of Contemporary Hakka people aesthetics. The hidden beauty that has always existed in Hakka people has been revealed and seen.
Xu added that Hakka people, like other cities, had a problem with invisibility. The early hakkas migrated from their homeland, in order to live in a protected color, most of the city life is not easy, the Hakkas with their hands turned over in frustration, more use of crafts in the big city branches. The theme of this exhibition, combined with the beauty of words, contains the essence of “tolerance” in the “guest” , which is not only the visual highlight of puns, but also the spiritual core of the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition will be triggered by aesthetics, through installation art, the audience will be able to understand the meaning and spirit of the city of Hakka people. Through visual and interactive installations, the audience will be able to experience the survival challenges of the hakka ethnic group in the city, therefore with the environment compatible, coexistence and co-prosperity attitude to life.
From 918th to 1018th, the “hidden power of the capital” Exhibition on Contemporary Hakka people aesthetics will last for one month. In addition, two free DIY activities will be held during the exhibition period. They are “meet-the-public” on September 20 and “Post Card” on October 10. For more information, please visit the “Hakka People Taipei Cultural Theme Park” facebook page.