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Invitation notice for interview for “4th Contemporary Narrative Film Festival 2018 -- Between Walls”

October 4,107,14:30-15:30
Venue: Arts and Culture Salon, 1/f, music and drama centre, Taipei Hakka People Cultural Theme Park (No. 2, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Taipei City)
[ interview highlights ]
• The HAKKAS are behind reggae? World-class reggae producer making his debut in Taiwan!
The opening film, The legend of Randy, how Randy’s Records, the predecessor of VP Records, the largest American reggae production company, rose from a small store to the reggae empire of the world, a record label founded by Chinese in Hakka people? Clive Chin, the world-class reggae music producer and eldest son of founder Vincent “Randy’s Record” Chin, will attend the press conference. He will also talk about the Hakka Chinese migration in Jamaica and reggae music history during the festival.
• Live music from the film: Hakka people-born Jamaican Director reggae musician on stage
• Golden Chyld (Golden boy) will give a small performance, and the opening film’s Focus Director, Jeanette Kong, a Jamaican Hakka, will be there. “Live music from films” is the first of its kind at the “Contemporary Narrative Film Festival” . It is not only an exhibition, but also a feast for the eyes and ears. In addition to the opening performance, the special screenings will feature Malaysian independent rapper Amir Meludah, who uses “roast” as the main theme to explore politics through poetic lyrics and songs, how “anarchism” and “punk” influenced the Malay Youth. At the end of the show, Korean dancer Jin Won will perform the 2,000-year-old north Indian Solo dance “Kathak” , bringing the show to a close in a multi-media cross-boundary experiment of moving melody, Myth and light and shadow.
• In the focus “between walls” , Malaysian heavyweight Amir Discusses Taboo topics in his film
• Malayan Communist Party remains a taboo subject in the country. This year’s special screening of Malaysia’s banned film “The last Communist Party member” , to see the director witty, magical and profound, about the realities of Malaysian society.