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2014 Taipei Hakka Festival

Taipei Hakka Festival is a renowned festival and is held every year with series interesting events. It has been around since 1996 with this year marking the 19th year of celebration. Many new elements, such as cuisine, dancing and fashion show, are added into the traditional presentation in recent years. These additions aims to attract younger generation to know the Hakka culture better and to present the beauty of Hakka to the world.
The inspiration comes from the event's yearly theme, with "Shake it Hakka, Play it Hakka" being this year's theme. Using the core concept of “Music”, there will be four main events: live concert, fashion show, Hakka Opera and Hakka music concert. Moreover, four new original Hakka songs are going to debut on the event. Using the elements from tradition to modern, west to east, the young to the elder, these cross-over performances are leading people to explore a wide variety of Hakka culture.
《Live, Origin》Hakka Live Concert
Let the melody recalls the old memory and tells what the young generation think. Using the theme of “Festival”, three Hakka male singers will make their debut of new songs and tell the stories of those familiar memories of our own.
Hakka Tea-Picking Opera
As one of the drama performance genres, Tea-picking Opera is referred to as “Nine Accents and Eighteen Melodies” unique to the Hakka people in Taiwan. Nowadays, it retains much of the tradition elements and adds modern professional and exquisite performance to attract different generations. The annual presentation will take place on October 25th, the second day of 2014 Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival.
《Fashion Hakka. Colorful life》Hakka Runway
This year, Hakka Runway invites Goji Lin, one of the most famous Taiwan fashion designers, as the head designer to discover the fashion of Hakka. Using the theme of “Life Moment”, Hakka Runway presents five special moments of fashion life with specially cooperated team of Gold Melody Award winning producers and singers.
《Riverside Concerto, Outdoor Concert》Hakka Music Concert
Hakka Music Concert is an outdoor show performed by Taipei Civic Symphony Orchestra and Hakka Ba-Yin music group. The stage and auditorium are designed to blend into the nature environment of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park. With unique lighting design, it creates soothing atmosphere for an outdoor concert that brings audiences into the lovely songs. Let’s enjoy the beauty of Hakka melody with beautiful surroundings.