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Taipei City A Series of Activities about Hakka Traditional Culture, for example DIY Rice Dumpling

“DIY Rice Dumpling”is an activity in Dragon Boat Festival which is for people to experience Hakka traditional culture. This activity was held by Taipei City Government Hakka Affairs Commission in Taipei Hakka Culture Park on 13th of June. Some activities, such as making butterfly ginger rice dumpling, moxa cake and overcoming an obstacle game are scheduled. We also provide some dessert and have a concert in the afternoon.
The Dragon Boat Festival is very important for Hakka people. It not only commemorates famous poet “Qu Yuan” but also remind us that summer is coming. Meanwhile, it reminds people that he/she should prevent diseases in the summer because there are a lot of diseases that are caused by insects. Therefore, we can try to use herbs to repel some insects.
On this day, we invite some volunteers to teach participants how to make butterfly ginger rice dumpling and moxa cake, and we also provide herb jelly tea. And there is an obstacle-overcoming game in the afternoon.