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Taipei City - A Series of Activities about Hakka Traditional Culture - The Parent-child Activity on Dragon Boat Festival

The parent-child cultivating moxa activity of Dragon Boat Festival was held by Taipei City Government Hakka Culture Commission in Taipei City Hakka Culture Park on 23th and 24th of May. Participants canunderstand more about Chinese medicine plants and they can even grow some herbs such as moxa, leguminosae and perillaby themselves on this activity.
“Herbs with Hakka” is a topic of this activity because moxa, leguminosae and perilla are used by Hakka people generally, and these herbs are a symbolization of Hakka spirit. Traditionally, many Taiwanese used to make rice dumpling and row dragon boat on Dragon Boat Festival. Therefore, Taipei City Government Hakka Culture Commission wants to use the innovating way to celebrate the dragon festival which is parent-child cultivating herbs activity. Meanwhile, we hope not only convey the Hakka ancient wisdom and inherit Hakka spirit but also combine the concept of environmental protection through this activity.
We invite the plants specialists to explain the knowledge about Hakka herbs, and we also provide Hakka traditional dessert.
In addition, in order to show our care to the environment, we will not supply disposable tableware.